Klassic Kombis Are the Perfect Choice for Car Rental in Sydney for School Formal Car Hire

If you’re heading to a school formal and want to make an elaborate, one-of-a-kind entrance that will amaze and delight your passengers, attendees and onlookers, a Kombi rental from Klassic Kombiz can help make your special event sensational. When considering a formal car rental in Sydney, there is a variety of car rental options to select from, including stretch limousines, high-end luxury cars, sleek sports cars, and vintage vehicles. However, our remodelled vintage Kombis are a quirky choice for school formal car hire in Sydney.

Quality Vehicles and Excellent Service

When setting up a method of transport for your formal event, the very last thing you want to worry about is the reliability of the vehicles hired. Renting clean, reliable formal cars in Sydney can be done with ease when you contact Klassic Kombiz. Our company’s goal is always to provide our customers highly professional, personalised service that exceeds their expectations with every rental. Our formal car rentals are not only suitable for transporting groups for special events, but they also serve as terrific backdrops for school formal photographs. Our Kombis are identical split screen in every detail, making them perfect for photograph opportunities. No matter how meticulously you work to ensure your special occasion is perfect, accidents do happen; but we are fully prepared for the unexpected. Our fully insured Kombis come equipped with emergency kits and umbrellas just in case a rainstorm decides to make an unannounced appearance.

Klassic Kombiz is a family owned and run business. After four years of operation, we’re known for our clean, unique vehicles and service excellence. We employ friendly, vetted, professional chauffeurs to ensure passengers enjoy a smooth, stress-free ride for the duration of your event.

One-off School Formal Car Rental in Sydney

School formals are one of the most highly anticipated occasions for students everywhere. It’s not unusual for students to spend weeks, months or even years thinking about their school formals, such as what they’ll wear, what their theme colours will be, and what vehicle they’ll arrive in that makes a statement and impresses their fellow attendees. A rental from Klassic Kombiz will exceed your student’s expectations by providing a fun, chauffeured, luxurious, safe ride in our pristine vintage Kombi. Your student and their friends will be talking about their school formal for years to come.

Delight the student in your family or your employees with a vintage rental from Klassic Kombiz.