A Car to Hire on the Way to the Chapel: Classic Wedding Cars in Sydney for Rental

Transportation is often one of the last few things to check off when planning a wedding However, when it comes to either going or leaving the wedding venue in style, it’s clear that this is anything but a small decision Why go the basic limo route when you can make a statement, arriving in style... ... read more.

Klassic Kombis Are the Perfect Choice for Car Rental in Sydney for School Formal Car Hire

If you’re heading to a school formal and want to make an elaborate, one-of-a-kind entrance that will amaze and delight your passengers, attendees and onlookers, a Kombi rental from Klassic Kombiz can help make your special event sensational When considering a formal car rental in Sydney, there is... ... read more.

Benefits of a Kombi Hire in Wollongong from Klassic Kombiz

Reap the benefits of a Kombi hire in Wollongong when you book with Klassic Kombiz for your special occasion One advantage is the exquisite luxury afforded by our meticulously restored Kombis We have two identical 1957 Kombis that can comfortably seat seven people each The seats are oriented so that... ... read more.

Unique Cars for Weddings in Sydney with Klassic Kombiz

When a bride dreams of her wedding day she pictures elegance and an attention to detail that will make her wedding stand above all others Creating a one of a kind wedding is not only finding a gorgeous dress and breathtaking venue, but also involves transportation of the wedding party The finishing... ... read more.

Klassic Kombiz Provides Classic Kombi Hire for a Vintage Classic Car Rental for Bridal Parties in Sydney

Klassic Kombiz is passionate about making you feel like royalty on your wedding day by providing you with unique bridal car rental in Sydney We couple our exquisitely restored Kombis with professional and personalised service to make your day extraordinary and carefree Quality Kombi Bridal Car... ... read more.

Vintage Wedding Cars for Hire in Sydney from Klassic Kombiz Car Rental

Your wedding is one of the most important events in your journey as a couple It’s also an unforgettable day for your friends and loved ones in attendance Many things make a wedding party stand out from others in a manner that is classy, tasteful and elegant One easy way to make your special day... ... read more.